Natural permanent makeup that lasts

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What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is an advanced form of tattooing, which you may have heard referred to as semi-permanent makeup, permanent cosmetics, micro-pigmentation or cosmetic tattooing. It works by implanting pigment into the skin, resulting in a natural look, and avoids you having to apply makeup on a daily basis.

This technique can be highly-beneficial for people who have lost their brows as a consequence of old-age, disease or other skin conditions. It is also a great pre-emptive option for those who may lose their brow hair as a result of chemotherapy. It can correct shape, density, pigment loss around the lips and symmetry as well as create youthful looking features by adding definition and colour.
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How I work

I work from the comfort of my home in a clinical, COVID-secure salon. My house is on a quiet road in Brighton & Hove, with ample free parking. If desired, you can set the mood with the music of your choice.

The Biotek pigments I use are:
  • Made with natural raw materials
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Ammine free
  • Nickel free
  • Non-carcinogenic
  • Non-mutagenic
  • Non-genotoxic

Treatments start with an in-depth consultation where we will colour match the pigmentation to your skin and draw on the design. This is a great way to give you an idea of the final result and only when you are 100% happy will we start the tattooing process.

Consultation and treatment last approximately 3 hours. A skin test is required for first-time clients 48 hours prior to the appointment which I can apply during the consultation or post to you.

About me

I feel very privileged to spend every day with my clients, working to achieve a look that enhances their natural beauty. I love to help build up someone's self-esteem and confidence, in some cases where challenging health issues may have had an unwanted effect on their appearance. Having been fully trained by Natural Enhancement in London, I work to a very high standard and am fully insured and licensed.
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Why I won't do micro-blading

Micro-blading uses a sharp tool to cut into the skin to obtain natural hair strokes on the eyebrows. It quickly became a fad, which unfortunately led to an influx of people offering this type of treatment, some after only 2-4 days training.

If slightly too much pressure is applied, scar tissue forms, and this cannot be removed! Women and men have been left with such scars, or brows with a blotchy or unnatural colour

Micro-blading is only suitable for a very small percentage of people who have the right type of skin. When used on the wrong type, hair strokes can quickly disappear or merge into one.